We are a non profit, volunteer based transport rescue group.  We save animals from the local kill shelters, we make sure they receive veterinary care, if they are lucky just a short stay in a foster home where they get much needed TLC.  Then they are moved to our partner groups in the northeast where they find wonderful forever homes!

We work directly with our government run animal control facilities to reduce the number of adoptable animals that are killed each year.  We do this by partnering  with "no kill" animal rescue groups as far north as Vermont and New Hampshire.  

We believe that knowledge is power and responsible pet ownership, the importance of spaying and neutering, understanding and preventing heartworms, among other issues, are all important and essential components of eradicating pet over population and the unnecessary killing of adoptable animals.  We believe we can assist by teaching within our communities and offering solutions to pet owners and animal shelters.



Help Fix Fido & Fluffy!